Too Much Too Soon – diary anxiety and goal overwhelm

Running in PJs…

This is not a normal January. Socially slow. Soggy underfoot. That’s pretty standard and quite acceptable, because we usually like to emerge slowly from our state of hibernation. But the usual, comfortable, slightly boring January plod, that’s not happening this year. Not for me anyway.

2014 burst in, dragged me out from under the duvet and gave me a slap! I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t ready for the rude awakening. January as a whole has been like one of those days when you wake up thinking it’s Sunday and then realise it’s actually Monday and you’re late for work!!

Result: you feel as though you’re behind before you’ve even begun, frantically trying to get ahead and feel in control.

That never feels good. But in January it feels worse, because everyone is trying to get a jump start on the year. They feel they must obliterate all their bad habits overnight and become a perfect version of themselves immediately, in order to guarantee success. Then a couple of weeks in, when they find that instant transformation has not occurred, they start to think that they’re failing.

In January it feel worse for another reason too. We’re still half asleep.

So 2014 has given us a shove, we’re up and about and being bombarded with Stuff To Do and we haven’t even had our coffee yet.

… in the dark

Judging by the calls I’ve been receiving, it seems I’m not the only one who’s been taken by storm. Different people are coming to me yet it’s the same conversation: too much to take in, muddle, confusion, too much to do, can’t cope, not sure, worried, can’t decide, don’t know, overloaded, too much information, it’s all conflicting, what to believe? where to start?  In short, overwhelm. There have even been tears.

… when you should be hiding under the duvet

There’s not a law that says you have to get your act together on January 1st or consider your whole year a write-off. That pressure is purely self-inflicted.

There’s no way our bodies are programmed to hit the gym, clear out the cupboards, lose weight, and get up in the dark to do a commute, in the middle of winter.

We are mammals. We get sluggish at this time of year. We are meant to be a bit heavier. We are supposed to be allowing our bodies to recuperate and replenish,  ready for the active time of the year when it’s bright and warm. I’m not saying become a couch potato or skive off work, but go easy. Work just a little outside your comfort zone, not in turbo mode. There’s a reason they call it Spring cleaning. Now is the time to snuggle up. In a couple of months you can go crazy with the hoover. These are natural cycles and if we work with them then progress doesn’t have to hurt!

Crowd consciousness

All that being said, how do you manage an onslaught of external demands when you’re really not in action mode?

First of all, recognise the emotional impact of what everyone else is doing around you. Anyone feel guilty when they see a skinny jogger bounding down the road while they’re sitting in the car? Remember this, their life is not your life. Maybe they have a better tolerance for cold than you do. Maybe they don’t have kids to pick up. Maybe they have more flexible working hours than you do. Maybe you have bad knees. Don’t feel bad. Do what you can. Perhaps a walk is more your style.

And what about the emotional impact of everyone else’s SAD, January blues etc.? We are all connected, we know that now. We know that the signals our hearts send out affect people for miles around. Do you think you’re immune to everyone else’s New Year anxiety. I think not. Your unexplained edginess might not be yours at all.

Be aware of it and choose not to get drawn in. Decide how you would prefer to be feeling and make that your goal.

Foggy conditions

What usually winds us up is decisions. Everything is a decision. The confusion, overload and worry often stems from wondering what to do. Well, here’s another thing to remember. Decisions are ten times more difficult when we’re tired. If you can schedule a rest, do that, and return to the problem with a clear head.

But if you have a to sort something out right away and can’t see the wood for the trees, this might help: the agony of indecision is usually a battle of head versus heart, what your mind tells you is logical vs. what you really feel like doing in your soul. When you get stuck, be honest with yourself and go with what you truly feel is right for you.

Should vs. Want To

Should is a dirty word in my opinion. What voice in your head is telling you that XYZ is what you should do? Is it your own voice or that of someone in your life who has been overcritical who you can never please? What do you actually want and need in this situation?

How much of your Stuff To Do could be categorised under Should? And how much is absolutely unavoidable? Pare it down. Stick with unavoidable and reduce your list to something manageable.

One of my favourite quotes from super-achiever Bruce Lee is this: “It’s not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”


Make it a Fun Run not a marathon

Let’s not try to perfect 12 months in one day. Let’s face it, we have no idea what lies ahead. Certainly, it is good to start with an optimistic outlook. Just don’t let unrealistic expectations lead you to a sense of defeat.

Aim for incremental changes, small shifts which you can easily handle. This will remove the fear of failure and will amount to significant transformation over time.

Remember that energy levels are lower in winter. Your body is already working hard to counter the effects of cold, damp and lack of sunlight. So treat it kindly and don’t schedule more things than you can physically handle.

What we are trying to achieve here is happiness not perfection.

Roadside support

Having tried all the above, if you still need some help, do give me a call. I provide several ways to easily get more clarity, more energy and replace anxiety with a sense of being in control.


Energy healing, in the form of Reiki or Sekhem, will instil instant calm while stimulating the flow of energy in your body and clearing your mind.

Theta Healing™ is great for tackling mental blocks by tapping into the subconscious and making gentle yet powerful adjustments.

For pure relaxation I offer Facial Massage and Indian Head Massage.


If you would like some spiritual guidance, I offer two types of reading. I can do a psychic Life Path Reading or a Clairvoyant / Mediumistic reading. Either way, I aim to assist you with a sense of direction and reassurance.


To support your physical needs all year round, I now provide an excellent range of supplements with high quality ingredients at very affordable prices.

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Could happen to anyone

Some of you will have been through what I’m about to describe. Others will know someone who has. If you’ve never encountered a life-changing event, keep reading: you might want to jump before you’re pushed.

I’m talking about a career gone to pieces. It could be that your industry, once stable, has suddenly gone into a downward spiral. Or something has happened to your health, family or domestic circumstances which means that it just isn’t possible to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

All that effort gone to waste

This is a difficult one to swallow. You’ve slogged through months or years of training, studying and exam stress, spent a fortune on course fees, got your qualifications and then worked your way up in your career of choice. Or you started out fetching and carrying and making the tea, proved your worth and built your success the hard way.

Then the unthinkable has happened. Your good health has deserted you, or maybe your partner did, or your boss, and it has become impossible to carry on working in the job you worked so hard to get.

What a waste. You wonder how to salvage something from all those years of effort.

The world crashed down

Not only has your income plummeted but so has your confidence and self-esteem. You miss feeling wanted and responsible, even if you were stressed at times.

You get up in the morning and go to … where? How do you find  your sense of purpose?

Who are you without your job? It has been an important part of your identity and now  you feel quite lost.

Why did this happen?

The answer may be more obvious than you think. Ask yourself honestly:

Was I truly happy in my job or did it mostly provide financial security?

Did my career make me feel important and successful?

Was I a different person at home than at work?

Did the essence of my job match the essence of who I am?

Did I enjoy being around my colleagues?

Did the company values fit with my own values?

Did I mostly feel stressed or relaxed?

Did I choose this career because it was expected of me, a logical choice, an acceptable path, or because it makes my heart sing?

Did I start out feeling good about my work and get disillusioned along the way?

Are my health problems in any way related to the work I have been doing?

By now, your heart will be telling you whether this job was right for you or not, despite what your logical mind (and ego) might be trying to say.

The truth

If this job did not make your heart sing, if it made you more anxious than joyful, if there was discomfort with the people or ethics, if the physical, mental or emotional stresses have brought your health down… if so, you are definitely not meant to be there any more.

Now this may take a while to sink in. After all that you have invested, in climbing the ladder or making a name for  yourself, your ego will be hanging on to that old job for dear life as if it were the only thing on earth to give you value as a human being.

You know deep down that this is not true, that despite what this job means to you, you are more than what it represents.

The way forward

There is no way back. And as difficult as that can be to accept, ultimately you will discover that the Universe has done you a favour. You have been taken out of an environment in which you were unable to truly flourish as a soul. When you are able to fully understand this you will be grateful for the opportunity to remodel your life. It is a big task but it will bring to the fore the abilities which you still have, and probably uncover a few you didn’t even know you had.

Follow your heart, your joy and your truth. Take one step at a time. Move past your fear of the unknown into a new reality that suits you better. Over time, this will bring you healing and will make you a stronger, happier person from the inside.


I help people who feel stuck and overwhelmed to gain clarity and move forward with their lives.

I offer a free half hour consultation to talk about what you need and how I may be able to assist you.

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Who’s gonna drive you home?

You know those days when you barely have time to breathe? You get up, slurp a quick cuppa, run out of the door and find yourself in perpetual motion for the rest of the day. You don’t remember if you’ve had lunch or not and you travel home on autopilot. You could go out in the evening but, even if you could palm the kids off on their nan, you wonder if it’s worth it. You’re too worn out to be the life and soul of the party – or even to prop the bar up. You’ll just be lousy company. In any case, the thought of the return journey makes you cringe. By that time you’ll be too tired to even see where you’re going…

Sound familiar?

We all know it’s not the ideal way to live, but somehow we all get caught up in it. It’s a treadmill and a rollercoaster combined. You feel as though you have to keep moving or you’ll fall off. And it makes you clench everything as you launch yourself at the top of the morning ready for the next high speed descent through the daily chaos.

What’s happening as you spin through your day? Where does your energy go? Usually to other people. You carry out your care and duty, to your kids, boss, customers, colleagues, other family, clients, and your obligations to the school, church, gas company, tax man etc. (Is your partner even getting a look-in here?)

It’s all output.

Where does it stop?

When and where do you get any input? I don’t mean momentary input, like scoffing a Galaxy bar while you zoom round Tescos. I mean proper You-time. Where you stop, breathe and actually relax. (Can you remember what relaxed feels like?) Where you do something that you want to do, not something you feel you have to, or should do.

When did you last decide to drop everything and take a day out for yourself? You will find all the stuff that needs to be done will still be there when you get back. It’s not going anywhere. That can be both a comfort and a curse. Don’t let yourself worry about the Stuff To Do while you’re out fly-fishing, getting your nails done, abseiling or browsing bookshops. The point is, the world will not fall apart if you get off the treadmill-rollercoaster. It won’t. But too often we convince ourselves that we are holding the Universe together and that there is a real danger of the sky falling in if we so much as go for a fag break.

Actually, in these circumstances, the only thing that’s liable to collapse is you.

The signs of overload are always pretty clear: near misses in the car, breakages in the kitchen, forgetfulness and confusion; “Did I pay that bill or not?”, “OMG I’ve left my bag on the bus!”. More often than not, the errors that occur when we’re rushed or tired cost us time, energy and possibly money, taking us further into the downward spiral.

What are you missing?

Energy? Definitely! Fun? Probably. Good health? More than likely.

And what is this craziness doing for your work, family life, love life? My guess is that none of them are going the way you want them to.

So, considering all that, do you think it’s selfish to take time out for yourself? Do you think you ought to feel guilty for awarding yourself a little pampering?

Absolutely not! If you want to be your best self for the people in your life who matter, you need to get your mojo back!!!

The person responsible for your own energy input is you. You can’t run your life with a flat battery. Plug yourself in to whatever takes your fancy.

Snooze and socialise

Make an appointment with yourself. Go to the hairdressers, or the zoo, try out a Zumba class, take in a bit of culture or see a film. If you feel the need, get a bit of healing (you know where to find me). If you only have a fiver to spare, grab a magazine, find a coffee shop and do some people-watching. If you don’t have a fiver, go for a wander and feed the ducks. Sleep. There is always something more refreshing to do than the next wash-load, commute or trolley-dash.

It’s amazing how much difference it makes when you stop what you’re doing and walk away, just for a little while.

You can see the wood for the trees again. You don’t feel on the verge of panic. You feel more sociable. You get more done. You’ve got it in you to enjoy a night out and still be able to remember your own door number when you get home.

When you find yourself stuck on the treadmill-rollercoaster, you need to step off, trust that the world will continue to turn without you, and do whatever it takes to make you feel good (that’s not going to burn through your bank account or your liver).

Recover your energy. Rest and absorb,  if only for a couple of hours.

Your mind and body will thank you. Your patience and sparkle will return. Your loved ones will be pleased to see you. You will be safer behind the wheel, happier while driving a desk, and better balanced while dancing on tables.     07563 687108

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The World is changing – We are changing

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Dalai Lama famously said, at the Vancouver Peace Summit in September 2009: “The world will be saved by the Western woman”.

He foresaw a dramatic shift which we are now beginning to witness. This is a shift from the masculine way of working to the feminine. The aggressive masculine energy (which is compelled to push, fight, compete, penetrate, command and subjugate) has got us through the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the techological revolution. It has brought progress on a physical scale but taken us to the brink of destroying all that has been achieved and the Earth that contains it. This is because such progress is based on the same approach as an army trying to annex a country: insistence on never-ending expansion in order to control and dominate land and populations, markets, territories, intellectual property, currencies etc. The Earth cannot support this infinite expansion because it does not have infinite resources.

At a more immediate level, people cannot tolerate these models because their 9 to 5 jobs become more meaningless and people drag themselves through from Monday to Friday feeling unappreciated, frustrated and disenchanted with their dehumanised work routine. Meanwhile those in poorer countries who produce goods for Western consumption do not have the luxury of boredom. Many are enslaved. Many are lucky to survive their working week.

The Dalai Lama’s statement followed the banking crash of 2008. This is no coincidence. The banking crisis is one of many examples of where the masculine business model is failing. Globally, people are turning away from hard sell and eco-destructive multinational business. They are reverting back to localised small business, cottage industries, skilled and satisfying work, community connections and eco-friendly methods. We are creating a new model which updates and adapts skills and methods handed down from earlier generations.

Western Women – we have a job to do

The new model is based on feminine energy. It is based on co-operation, not competition. It builds by adapting what exists, not destroying. It is created by evolution, not battle. Others are viewed as collaborators not opponents. The touch is light and nurturing, not heavy and punitive.

Many of the businesses arising in the new feminine economy are described as heart-led. They are based upon passion and desire to serve, rather than ego and desire to exert force. Nevertheless, heart-led businesses must make money, and strive to do so in an honest and ethical fashion without undermining anyone else.

Women are not the only ones working in this way. Many men are taking to, or even leading, this business revolution, especially those in caring or creative professions, and those with a spiritual message. However, because men have been the traditional business leaders for so long, they have greater access to resources and this places women business owners at a disadvantage.

Global retail therapy

We now have an opportunity to promote women-owned businesses within a global community of female entrepreneurs. A wonderful online event takes off next week in support of women-owned businesses worldwide. It is led by Project Eve:

Project Eve is partnering with Accion East and Online Women’s Program to offer our community an exciting way to support and shop women-owned business with its Shop the Movement Campaign.

From November 12 through December 9, Project Eve will host an online shopping event called “Shop the Movement” where women-owned companies will sell their goods and services to the over 1 million members of the Project Eve community.

We are asking Shop the Movement participants to pledge 5% of their profits towards this worthy cause. In return, Project Eve will also pledge 5% of all profits earned during the period.”

I am pledging 5% of all sales during this campaign. I urge other female business owners to do the same. The money goes back into the project to assist the most disadvantaged.

By buying the goods and services we need from each other we can boost the feminine economy. This will give traction to the individuals and businesses which are going to lead us out of chaos into a more balanced world. This will be a world in which individuals and are valued, supported, looked after and properly rewarded, and the Earth is treated with respect.

The opportunity is now

Connect with the movement, with other businesses, as an entrepreneur, customer or client. Connect here, ask me a question, hire me or tell me what you think. These are exciting times and we are here to shape the future!

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What to do – when you don’t know what to do!

What did sailors do when they thought the Earth was flat?

How can that help you now?

These and other questions answered in this article – originally published in Lightworker Magazine, August 2011.

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Tenacity article July 2011 for Blog Oct 2013 p1Tenacity article July 2011 for Blog Oct 2013

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Never underestimate the power of your own intuition

Slide 23: my advice to Mom Entrepreneurs.
Also applicable to You – right now – whatever you’re doing 😉

This is a simple message about trusting your own intuition instead of listening to other people’s (misguided) opinions.

It applies as much in our personal lives as it does in business, and it’s not just for mums. Men are equally capable of running on intuition. They are unfortunately conditioned to be less aware of it.

Remember the butterflies in your stomach? Those are the physical feeling of anxiety (in your solar plexus, your point of power).  If you pay attention you will find fluttery feelings or tightness anywhere that a fear shows up, especially in your throat or belly.

When such a feeling arises in the face of a decision and all your senses are shouting “No!” it is time to question all the logic and ‘expert’ advice. You can be sure that your body is telling you what’s right for you.

We are all channels for Universal energy. In essence,  a twinge of doubt is a message from your Higher Self.

The other side of this is the sense of calm and ease when we know for sure that something is right.

So how do you distinguish between sensible caution and unnecessary anxiety? Get grounded and quiet. Ask yourself what you would feel if each of the possible outcomes occurred. Ask yourself which of those you really want (regardless of other people telling you you’re crazy, it’s impossible, etc.). You will know by the warm fuzzy feeling which is the right answer for YOU.

If the goal seems a little far fetched, now is the time to ask for assistance from those around you and from Spirit. As always, have faith in yourself and faith in Spirit. Trust, persist, keep going, keep praying.

Keep tuning into your own intuition, your inner guide, with each step and decision. If it feels good and feels right, it is your way forward. It may not be anyone else’s way forward, but that does not matter. This is your life and your path. The little voice in your heart and your dreams is calling you to live your life’s mission.





Energetic Protection

Springtime, sunny, tree, green

What is it? Do you need it?

We protect our physical bodies from potentially harmful elements such as excess heat, cold, wind and rain. We apply layers of clothing, umbrellas, physical shelter, around the outside. The worse the conditions, the heavier the protection.

Our energy body needs protecting in much the same way. It is my belief that the level of protection should correspond to the prevailing conditions, at an energetic level  just as at a physical level.

Our energy field or aura is constantly interacting with the field of everything that surrounds us. We are in a soup of positive and negative influences. It is common sense to protect ourselves from any energy that is potentially harmful. This might be a negative vibration held in a place where something bad has happened, or it could be another person’s mood or illness. These are not things to be feared but to be aware of, like taking care before stepping out into traffic.


What should you do, and how?

Here are two quick and easy things that we should all be doing every day, especially those who work at a psychic/intuitive level doing any kind of counselling, therapeutic bodywork, healing or readings.

These techniques work by INTENTION. What you imagine you make real.

Intend that this process is for your protection and well-being. Draw towards you the highest frequencies of light, purity and love.

Use these techniques before entering any situation where your energy could be drained or where you could feel bombarded/overwhelmed.

  1. Grounding:  connecting your energy to the Earth energy.               Imagine you are a tree. Put roots down as far as you can to the depths of the Earth. Send all negative or spent energy from yourself into the ground, and draw up nourishing and stabilising energy through your roots into your body. There are various methods of grounding, but this simple technique helps you to centre yourself, avoid getting spaced out or jittery, stay calm, objective and in control.
  1. Protection:  placing yourself inside an energy bubble.             Imagine being inside a hollow Easter egg. This is your aura, an energy field that completely surrounds you. It forms a layer of protection which you can strengthen at any time. Imagine the bubble being of whatever colour and material that will work for you. You might want to make it reflective, so that unwanted energies bounce off it. Intend that this bubble, your aura, will act as a filter which only allows positive energies to reach you. Reinforce it whenever you feel the need.

Practise grounding and protection on a daily basis. By doing so you will be able to maintain your own positive energy and avoid getting depleted. You will feel more resistant to outside influences. This does not mean that you will be closed off to other people; it simply means that you are able to control the input and output of energy so that you are not at the mercy of external conditions or your own overactive mind.

Energetic protection is a complex issue. For those wishing to dig deep on this, I recommend Judy Hall’s books on Psychic Protection.

Be well and be safe. Above all – don’t worry! Protection is there just as soon as you create it.



If you would like to learn more about these and other energetic techniques, you are welcome to join my Reiki shares (for existing practitioners) or Reiki training courses (for beginners and improvers). Dates are listed on my events page here and on Facebook  .

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You will find me calm, compassionate, gentle, yet straight-talking and direct. We will get to the root of whatever is bothering you and find the best way to release it.

After a healing session with me, people often tell me they feel they have had a weight lifted off. Let me relieve you of that unnecessary burden.

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