If life has become difficult to navigate, and coaching alone is not enough, you’re in the right place. Perhaps you’ve tried counselling too, with limited results. I am happy to offer you no-fluff, no-nonsense, no-jargon psychotherapy. It’s essentially the same as counselling, but deeper and with no time limits. I will help you to understand your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, and your environment (past and present). When you are aware of how your own mind tries to protect you, with sometimes unwanted results, you are in a position to change how you respond to situations, becoming more truly yourself and more effective in life.

How I work

I use an integrative style of psychotherapy, i.e. one that allows me to integrate various methods into a single system. This means I can draw on several therapeutic models, plus bring in coaching and related skills as needed.

I work collaboratively, i.e. I am working alongside you, not doing therapy to you. We work together and adjust the process as we go along. This means I can be responsive to what you need on any given day and change how I work as your awareness develops.

We are told that counselling is about the past while coaching is about the future. However, we all have a past and a future, and here we are in the present trying to make sense of them. We cannot make progress if we are bogged down by the past, and we need a vision of how we want our future to be. There is an area where counselling and coaching meet up, in which it is possible to refine your goals, get free of the baggage that has been weighing you down, and create a path forward. This is powerful and effective.

Methods I use

Person-Centred   –   Based on the principle that each person possesses the ability to grow, develop and fulfil their potential. The therapist’s role is to bring out what is already there within them.

Cognitive-Behavioural   –   Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours work in a cycle. By finding a way to break the cycle, we can prevent negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours from feeding each other and continuing.

Psychodynamic  –   Derived from the work of Freud. Some very useful insights are provided by Attachment Theory, Object Relations and other aspects of this model.

Transactional Analysis   –  A way of viewing interactions so we can modify our own role in relation to others.

Solution-Focused   –   A direct way to get to the core of an unwanted behaviour or situation, and move towards a more desirable outcome.

Find out more on a free call

Please get in touch for a free initial consultation, where you can find out more and decide if I’m the right person to work with.

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