The World is changing – We are changing

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Dalai Lama famously said, at the Vancouver Peace Summit in September 2009: “The world will be saved by the Western woman”.

He foresaw a dramatic shift which we are now beginning to witness. This is a shift from the masculine way of working to the feminine. The aggressive masculine energy (which is compelled to push, fight, compete, penetrate, command and subjugate) has got us through the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the techological revolution. It has brought progress on a physical scale but taken us to the brink of destroying all that has been achieved and the Earth that contains it. This is because such progress is based on the same approach as an army trying to annex a country: insistence on never-ending expansion in order to control and dominate land and populations, markets, territories, intellectual property, currencies etc. The Earth cannot support this infinite expansion because it does not have infinite resources.

At a more immediate level, people cannot tolerate these models because their 9 to 5 jobs become more meaningless and people drag themselves through from Monday to Friday feeling unappreciated, frustrated and disenchanted with their dehumanised work routine. Meanwhile those in poorer countries who produce goods for Western consumption do not have the luxury of boredom. Many are enslaved. Many are lucky to survive their working week.

The Dalai Lama’s statement followed the banking crash of 2008. This is no coincidence. The banking crisis is one of many examples of where the masculine business model is failing. Globally, people are turning away from hard sell and eco-destructive multinational business. They are reverting back to localised small business, cottage industries, skilled and satisfying work, community connections and eco-friendly methods. We are creating a new model which updates and adapts skills and methods handed down from earlier generations.

Western Women – we have a job to do

The new model is based on feminine energy. It is based on co-operation, not competition. It builds by adapting what exists, not destroying. It is created by evolution, not battle. Others are viewed as collaborators not opponents. The touch is light and nurturing, not heavy and punitive.

Many of the businesses arising in the new feminine economy are described as heart-led. They are based upon passion and desire to serve, rather than ego and desire to exert force. Nevertheless, heart-led businesses must make money, and strive to do so in an honest and ethical fashion without undermining anyone else.

Women are not the only ones working in this way. Many men are taking to, or even leading, this business revolution, especially those in caring or creative professions, and those with a spiritual message. However, because men have been the traditional business leaders for so long, they have greater access to resources and this places women business owners at a disadvantage.

Global retail therapy

We now have an opportunity to promote women-owned businesses within a global community of female entrepreneurs. A wonderful online event takes off next week in support of women-owned businesses worldwide. It is led by Project Eve:

Project Eve is partnering with Accion East and Online Women’s Program to offer our community an exciting way to support and shop women-owned business with its Shop the Movement Campaign.

From November 12 through December 9, Project Eve will host an online shopping event called “Shop the Movement” where women-owned companies will sell their goods and services to the over 1 million members of the Project Eve community.

We are asking Shop the Movement participants to pledge 5% of their profits towards this worthy cause. In return, Project Eve will also pledge 5% of all profits earned during the period.”

I am pledging 5% of all sales during this campaign. I urge other female business owners to do the same. The money goes back into the project to assist the most disadvantaged.

By buying the goods and services we need from each other we can boost the feminine economy. This will give traction to the individuals and businesses which are going to lead us out of chaos into a more balanced world. This will be a world in which individuals and are valued, supported, looked after and properly rewarded, and the Earth is treated with respect.

The opportunity is now

Connect with the movement, with other businesses, as an entrepreneur, customer or client. Connect here, ask me a question, hire me or tell me what you think. These are exciting times and we are here to shape the future!

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