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Meditation & Mindfulness


Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

21st January 2018 – 12pm to 3pm

Peterhouse Centre​, 122 Forest Rise, Upper Walthamstow Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 3PW

Intro to Mindfulness at Peterhouse Centre E17

I will be running this session on behalf of PositiveTools4Life

This will be a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday afternoon workshop designed to give you skills you can use straight away.

In this workshop we will look at what mindfulness is and is not. You will learn practical ways to apply it in your work and personal life as you go about your daily activities (no need for unusual postures, special music or mantras).

You will find out how mindfulness provides greater self-awareness, leading to more control of your mindset, responses and stress levels. This helps you keep on top of everything you have to do, while improving relationships at work and home.

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Group and individual classes

1:1 Tuition

This training will set you up with easy-to-use, practical techniques that you can use every day at home and work to defuse difficult situations and get greater enjoyment from life.

£60 / 1 hour session. Can be combined with therapies or coaching. We can work over Skype if you are unable to reach me in person.

Please contact me on 07563 687108


Drop-In Class

Based in Walthamstow, East London, aiming to start February 2018 on an ongoing basis. Days and times to be advised. It will be a drop-in, pay as you go, so you are free to attend whenever your schedule allows.

These group sessions will be suited to all budgets and aimed at beginners/improvers.

Please join the Facebook group if you are interested and would like to be kept updated: East London Meditation and Mindfulness



Mindfulness in Business  :   reduce stress and improve productivity

Studies have shown that mindfulness in the workplace reduces stress levels and sickness absence while improving productivity, morale and profitability.

Find out what has worked for Google, Toyota and Facebook and how you can use this in your own business or freelance enterprise.

I provide tailored workshops for small businesses as well as management and staff in the private and public sectors.


Introduction to Mindfulness in Business

A short talk 20-30 mins long, outlining the importance of mindfulness in business, including:

  • How mindfulness helps to prevent stress
  • Advantages of mindful leadership
  • Mindful decision-making exercise
  • How mindfulness can improve productivity
  • Why mindfulness improves profitability


2 hour Mindfulness Workshops for Small Businesses

This session is designed for freelancers and small business owners who juggle many responsibilities, often work long hours and still need to keep a clear head while making decisions.

In this workshop we will look at what mindfulness is and how it works. You will find out how to reduce stress, focus more effectively and prioritise. This in turn makes you more productive.

You will find out how mindfulness provides greater self-awareness, leading to more control of your thought processes and reactions. This helps you to make better use of time and energy while improving relationships at work and home.

Looking at how these principles apply to your own situation, you will be able to take away some techniques to implement straight away.


The presentation can be adapted to suit larger companies or other organisations such as schools.



To request these workshops for your workplace or business support group, please call Pippa on 07563 687108  or e-mail



Mindfulness and Stress Management workshops have been delivered via the following organisations in 2016/2017:

East London Business Place at Business Lab Stratford, London E15

ECHO Economy of Hours at Chats Palace, Homerton, London E9

Enterprise Enfield Business Hub at Enfield Business Centre, Enfield, Middx

N.E. London & Essex Networking at CEME Conference Centre, Rainham, Essex

Redbridge Enterprise Desk at Redbridge Central Library, Ilford, Essex

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