Could happen to anyone

Some of you will have been through what I’m about to describe. Others will know someone who has. If you’ve never encountered a life-changing event, keep reading: you might want to jump before you’re pushed.

I’m talking about a career gone to pieces. It could be that your industry, once stable, has suddenly gone into a downward spiral. Or something has happened to your health, family or domestic circumstances which means that it just isn’t possible to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

All that effort gone to waste

This is a difficult one to swallow. You’ve slogged through months or years of training, studying and exam stress, spent a fortune on course fees, got your qualifications and then worked your way up in your career of choice. Or you started out fetching and carrying and making the tea, proved your worth and built your success the hard way.

Then the unthinkable has happened. Your good health has deserted you, or maybe your partner did, or your boss, and it has become impossible to carry on working in the job you worked so hard to get.

What a waste. You wonder how to salvage something from all those years of effort.

The world crashed down

Not only has your income plummeted but so has your confidence and self-esteem. You miss feeling wanted and responsible, even if you were stressed at times.

You get up in the morning and go to … where? How do you find  your sense of purpose?

Who are you without your job? It has been an important part of your identity and now  you feel quite lost.

Why did this happen?

The answer may be more obvious than you think. Ask yourself honestly:

Was I truly happy in my job or did it mostly provide financial security?

Did my career make me feel important and successful?

Was I a different person at home than at work?

Did the essence of my job match the essence of who I am?

Did I enjoy being around my colleagues?

Did the company values fit with my own values?

Did I mostly feel stressed or relaxed?

Did I choose this career because it was expected of me, a logical choice, an acceptable path, or because it makes my heart sing?

Did I start out feeling good about my work and get disillusioned along the way?

Are my health problems in any way related to the work I have been doing?

By now, your heart will be telling you whether this job was right for you or not, despite what your logical mind (and ego) might be trying to say.

The truth

If this job did not make your heart sing, if it made you more anxious than joyful, if there was discomfort with the people or ethics, if the physical, mental or emotional stresses have brought your health down… if so, you are definitely not meant to be there any more.

Now this may take a while to sink in. After all that you have invested, in climbing the ladder or making a name for  yourself, your ego will be hanging on to that old job for dear life as if it were the only thing on earth to give you value as a human being.

You know deep down that this is not true, that despite what this job means to you, you are more than what it represents.

The way forward

There is no way back. And as difficult as that can be to accept, ultimately you will discover that the Universe has done you a favour. You have been taken out of an environment in which you were unable to truly flourish as a soul. When you are able to fully understand this you will be grateful for the opportunity to remodel your life. It is a big task but it will bring to the fore the abilities which you still have, and probably uncover a few you didn’t even know you had.

Follow your heart, your joy and your truth. Take one step at a time. Move past your fear of the unknown into a new reality that suits you better. Over time, this will bring you healing and will make you a stronger, happier person from the inside.


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