Never underestimate the power of your own intuition

Slide 23: my advice to Mom Entrepreneurs.
Also applicable to You – right now – whatever you’re doing 😉

This is a simple message about trusting your own intuition instead of listening to other people’s (misguided) opinions.

It applies as much in our personal lives as it does in business, and it’s not just for mums. Men are equally capable of running on intuition. They are unfortunately conditioned to be less aware of it.

Remember the butterflies in your stomach? Those are the physical feeling of anxiety (in your solar plexus, your point of power).  If you pay attention you will find fluttery feelings or tightness anywhere that a fear shows up, especially in your throat or belly.

When such a feeling arises in the face of a decision and all your senses are shouting “No!” it is time to question all the logic and ‘expert’ advice. You can be sure that your body is telling you what’s right for you.

We are all channels for Universal energy. In essence,  a twinge of doubt is a message from your Higher Self.

The other side of this is the sense of calm and ease when we know for sure that something is right.

So how do you distinguish between sensible caution and unnecessary anxiety? Get grounded and quiet. Ask yourself what you would feel if each of the possible outcomes occurred. Ask yourself which of those you really want (regardless of other people telling you you’re crazy, it’s impossible, etc.). You will know by the warm fuzzy feeling which is the right answer for YOU.

If the goal seems a little far fetched, now is the time to ask for assistance from those around you and from Spirit. As always, have faith in yourself and faith in Spirit. Trust, persist, keep going, keep praying.

Keep tuning into your own intuition, your inner guide, with each step and decision. If it feels good and feels right, it is your way forward. It may not be anyone else’s way forward, but that does not matter. This is your life and your path. The little voice in your heart and your dreams is calling you to live your life’s mission.





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