Energetic Protection

Springtime, sunny, tree, green

What is it? Do you need it?

We protect our physical bodies from potentially harmful elements such as excess heat, cold, wind and rain. We apply layers of clothing, umbrellas, physical shelter, around the outside. The worse the conditions, the heavier the protection.

Our energy body needs protecting in much the same way. It is my belief that the level of protection should correspond to the prevailing conditions, at an energetic level  just as at a physical level.

Our energy field or aura is constantly interacting with the field of everything that surrounds us. We are in a soup of positive and negative influences. It is common sense to protect ourselves from any energy that is potentially harmful. This might be a negative vibration held in a place where something bad has happened, or it could be another person’s mood or illness. These are not things to be feared but to be aware of, like taking care before stepping out into traffic.


What should you do, and how?

Here are two quick and easy things that we should all be doing every day, especially those who work at a psychic/intuitive level doing any kind of counselling, therapeutic bodywork, healing or readings.

These techniques work by INTENTION. What you imagine you make real.

Intend that this process is for your protection and well-being. Draw towards you the highest frequencies of light, purity and love.

Use these techniques before entering any situation where your energy could be drained or where you could feel bombarded/overwhelmed.

  1. Grounding:  connecting your energy to the Earth energy.               Imagine you are a tree. Put roots down as far as you can to the depths of the Earth. Send all negative or spent energy from yourself into the ground, and draw up nourishing and stabilising energy through your roots into your body. There are various methods of grounding, but this simple technique helps you to centre yourself, avoid getting spaced out or jittery, stay calm, objective and in control.
  1. Protection:  placing yourself inside an energy bubble.             Imagine being inside a hollow Easter egg. This is your aura, an energy field that completely surrounds you. It forms a layer of protection which you can strengthen at any time. Imagine the bubble being of whatever colour and material that will work for you. You might want to make it reflective, so that unwanted energies bounce off it. Intend that this bubble, your aura, will act as a filter which only allows positive energies to reach you. Reinforce it whenever you feel the need.

Practise grounding and protection on a daily basis. By doing so you will be able to maintain your own positive energy and avoid getting depleted. You will feel more resistant to outside influences. This does not mean that you will be closed off to other people; it simply means that you are able to control the input and output of energy so that you are not at the mercy of external conditions or your own overactive mind.

Energetic protection is a complex issue. For those wishing to dig deep on this, I recommend Judy Hall’s books on Psychic Protection. http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Art-Psychic-Protection-Judy-Hall/9781899171361?a_aid=PippaSilverRay

Be well and be safe. Above all – don’t worry! Protection is there just as soon as you create it.



If you would like to learn more about these and other energetic techniques, you are welcome to join my Reiki shares (for existing practitioners) or Reiki training courses (for beginners and improvers). Dates are listed on my events page here https://silver-ray.co.uk/events-workshops-training/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SilverRayHealingTherapies  .

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Any questions? Please let me know!


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