Thank you for your guidance

Kiran, 1 August 2015

Thankyou for your guidance through the Reiki.
At the beginning on the one day Reiki course, I felt heavy headed with all the new information, but as the day went on, I began to understand the Concept of Reiki with the guidance of yourself Pippa. You explained it in simple steps and calmly answered any questions I had.
By the end of the course, I was excited about this new journey.
I used positive affirmations as a routine daily, and then I would do the Reiki healing with background music on YouTube.
As a result, my intuition has become stronger, I can feel negative people and what their intentions are. With your guidance Pippa, I have managed awkward situations at work with the help of healing and armour with grounding.
Some days have been difficult and I have felt that my chakra’s have not been as protected as I hoped due to stress or I’ll health. I have however managed to fit in healing to calm myself. I am more aware of my surroundings and my innerself.
I feel like I am blessed enough to gain this new healing power and am lucky to have a wonderful guide Pippa to help me on my path.
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