My life transformed

Helen, 5 March 2015

I met Pippa at a school Mum’s Pamper night. I had Reiki years ago but until that evening I had not found anyone I connected to. I had a 15 mins Reiki session.  After the 15 mins session, I thought it was a great.  I felt very connected with Pippa throughout the healing and I felt calm that night.

Following that initial treatment, I attended further Reiki treatments with Pippa. After a while, I moved on to the next level of Skehem.  Slowly, I began to notice how much my life transformed when I was having the treatments.  

My life seems clearer and I understand what is happening to me. I feel more confident and not feel so bad about my old past relationships.  I am more aware of around me and can now protect myself. I am glad I met Pippa that night and I always look forward to the treatments. Thank you Pippa.

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