How to choose a psychic or medium and get a good reading

If you want some spiritual guidance but don’t know which type of reading to go for, here’s how to get the answers you need.


Revealing the unseen

Life would be easy if we were born with a road map of all the choices and situations we have to navigate. In reality, we often find ourselves up against challenges, decisions or emotions that we don’t know how to handle.

Readings are useful because they cut through the confusion and obscurity. Sometimes, when we can’t see the wood for the trees, a reading can simply untangle the options to help us see the way forward. Sometimes information is revealed that would otherwise be hidden. Alternatively, it’s possible to open up a connection to the Spirit World to enable communication from people (or even pets) who have passed over.

Throughout history people have sought Divine Guidance when they’re feeling lost or out of their depth. You have access to this too.



The problem which people come up against, when they need this kind of help, is the mystifying language. There’s a lack of clarity about what different kinds of readers actually do. That can leave us at a loss for where to turn for help.

I’m often asked what is the difference between psychic readings, clairvoyance and mediumship.

I’m going to outline for you the main types of reading which are available and explain some of the terminology. This will help you to make sense of the options and know how to get the answers you need.


Psychics v. Mediums

The term “Psychic” is often used as a blanket term for both psychic and mediumistic readings, but in fact they are two different things.

In a psychic reading, we connect to the energy of a living person and read the information contained in their aura or energy field. It is possible to read past, present or future information, but it is important to understand that this is not “fortune telling”.

A professional reader with good ethics will make it clear that you are being shown the big picture and a range of possibilities. It is possible to indicate what is more or less likely, or more or less favourable. What you do with that information is up to you, so it is your actions that will determine the outcome.

In mediumship, we connect to the energy of a person in spirit. This person is known as a “communicator”. Again, information may come through that relates to the past, present or future. Where it relates to future possibilities, it is your responsibility to use the information wisely if you want positive results.

A good medium will give you what is known as “evidence of survival”. This means giving details about the person in spirit, such as job, personality, home life etc. so that you can verify who it is and whether or not you know them and want a message from them.

Having established who the communicator is, the medium will then ask for the reason they’ve come through. Sometimes they want to let you know that they are doing alright on the other side and to let you know that they are present around you. Sometimes they have a particular message, such as advice or a warning, where they are looking out for you and want to help.

It’s up to you how much of this you take on board. If someone was an interfering busy-body in life, chances are they haven’t changed much! On the other hand, some people see the error of their ways once they’ve passed over and might want to make amends. Others, who you may have had a great relationship with in life, can still have the ability to inspire you from the other side.


Is Clairvoyance the same as Mediumship?

“Clairvoyant” is often used to refer to mediums, but actually it applies to psychics too. Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. Seeing beyond the physical is what we do in both psychic and mediumistic readings.

The other skills that are used in various types of reading include: Clairaudience – clear hearing,  Clairsentience – clear feeling, and Claircognisance – clear knowing.


What is Channelling?

This is what all readers and healers do when they are bringing through information or energy from an unseen source. It means making ourselves a vessel or channel that information and energy can flow through.

You need to be aware that the information or healing energy is not coming directly from the practitioner but from Spirit/God/Source. Any reader or healer who claims otherwise is not telling the truth!


Do all Psychics use cards?

Many do, but not all. Tarot, oracle cards, playing cards etc. can all be used as tools to help bring through information. Some psychics still read palms, tea-leaves or crystal balls. Psychometry is a technique where the reader holds an object that belongs to the client and gets information from it. These are all different methods of divination, of tuning into the client’s energy to find out what is going on in their life. It is also possible to tune in directly to the person with no tools at all.

There are some people with very specialised psychic skills, such as medical intuitives. They will know what is going on in the client’s physical body and be able to tell them if they need medical attention.

Remote viewing is another kind of psychic skill. This involves seeing into another place to find out what’s happening there. They could be looking at the room next door or to a place on the other side of the world.


What do I need to say to the reader?

Once you know what kind of reading you want, be clear about what you are asking of the psychic or medium.

In a psychic reading, if you have a particular issue that you want to sort out you must say so. If you ask for a general reading, you’ll get a bit of everything. Say at the start if you  want the reader to focus on an individual area of your life.

Likewise, if you want to connect to a particular person in Spirit, tell the reader who you want to hear from. It can’t be guaranteed that the individual on the other side will come through, but the medium can ask and may be successful. If you’re not looking to hear from anyone in particular, you can ask the medium to bring through anyone who’s available. Keep in mind that it might not be someone you were particularly close to. People always come through for a reason, however, so it can be interesting to hear what they want to say to you even if you didn’t know them very well in life.

While the reading is in progress, respond to the reader but don’t tell them too much. Let them get into the flow of the energy and access the information you need to hear. Give them short answers: yes, no, not sure, maybe, usually etc. so they will know if they’re on the right track.

If they come up with something unusual you may need to verify it for them. For instance, I once saw a piece of workshop equipment that I didn’t recognise. I described it and the client was able to tell me what it was.

Be honest. If the reader is describing things or people that you cannot relate to at all, let them know. Also be patient. Sometimes it can take a while to build up a picture, and it may be that you have to put the pieces together like a mental jigsaw puzzle.


Do I need to visit the Psychic or Medium in person?

Not necessarily. Many people prefer the face-to-face approach, but if that’s not practical then readings can be carried out long distance.

Psychic phones lines are one option. These often include mediums too, so you can get either type of reading. On the plus side, you don’t have to book in advance and they’re available 24/7. The down side is that you could end up spending more money than you intended.

Some readers now provide e-mail or text readings in answer to a question that the client sends in. More commonly a distance reading will be done with you present, either on the phone or via Skype, so that you can respond and have a two-way conversation.


Trust yourself when choosing who to work with

In every profession, there are unfortunately a few people who are not 100% ethical. Don’t work with anyone you makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust your intuition. If you’re not sure, ask around for someone who is recommended.

Your reading should be given respectfully and compassionately, with due consideration for the fact that some of the information could be very personal or make you feel emotional.

Some readers give free or low-cost demonstrations at Spiritualist Churches or Mind Body Spirit events. You can go along and see them in action to decide if you would like to have a private reading with them.


Take control

Ultimately, Spirit has all the answers. It’s the job of the psychic or medium to help you find them.

I’ve given you an outline of what kind of readings are available and what you need to look for in a reader. I’ve also explained some of the terms you will hear, so you can understand what people are offering. You now know how a reading works so that you can approach it with confidence.

A reading can take the stress out of a situation and help you feel more in control. It’s a quick and easy way to regain your sense of direction.

Readings are a wonderful gift, both to give and receive. Don’t be afraid to ask!


Available on request

I am both a psychic and a medium. I give private readings and public demonstrations, locally in London and Essex as well as long-distance.


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