Therapies & Reiki Healing demonstration at outdoor event

Therapies & Readings


All therapies are  £60  per  1 hour  session

All readings are  £30  per  1/2 hour


Therapies and readings can be combined in one appointment:

20 mins reading + 40 mins therapy session =  1 hour  £60

30 mins reading + 1 hour therapy session  =     90mins  £90


Therapies and coaching can be combined and are even more effective when used together. They will facilitate more rapid change and promote greater progress in your spiritual and personal development.

Switch between coaching and therapies at separate appointments or combine them into longer sessions:

1 hour  £60

90 mins  £90


Reiki and other Energy Work

I offer energy healing techniques to calm the mind, release hidden blockages and provide deep relaxation.

Reiki, Sekhem and Psychic Surgery bring the healing energy directly into the body.

Theta Healing is a way for me to tune in at a spiritual level and release mental/emotional blockages.

All are safe and gentle yet produce powerful results for those who are ready for transformation in their lives.

New clients receive a free initial consultation where we discuss what you need and how I can help. I may ask to scan your energy to get an idea of where the problems lie.

Clients wear their normal clothing throughout all assessments and treatments.




Reiki means Universal Life Force. The healing energy calms the mind, balances emotions & promotes physical healing in the body. The energy works very gently & is suitable for everyone.


Sekhem means Spiritual Power. It is an ancient Egyptian technique similar to Reiki. The effects are stronger & more intense. It clears energy blockages, releases negative emotions & accelerates positive changes.

Theta Healing™     

Theta Healing uses muscle testing to reveal the underlying causes of stress or illness. Subconscious negative patterns are replaced with positive feelings & beliefs, to enable physical & emotional healing to take place.

Psychic Surgery    

This is a painless procedure to remove energetic blockages from the body. The method I use is a specialised form of Reiki.

The healing is carried out in 3 stages, usually taking about 2 hours. The length of time may vary depending how the client responds.

This treatment be done in one go as a 2 hour session or in two separate 1 hour sessions.


Clairvoyant Readings

I do not make predictions, as we have the use of free will in any situation. I give a wider perspective to help you make informed choices when faced with a decision or challenging situation.

Pricing:               All readings are  £30  per  1/2 hour  (extra time can be added on request)           



Psychic Life Path Readings         

In Psychic work we connect to the energy of a living person and read the information about their life circumstances. I call these Life Path Readings.

These readings are a form of spiritual guidance, to assist in getting a full perspective on the current situation and how to deal with it. We often cannot see the whole picture ourselves. A reading can reveal more aspects of a situation, so that you can make an informed decision about the best way forward.

Mediumistic Readings          

In Mediumship, we connect to the energy of someone who has passed over, bringing in evidence of who they were in life and passing on to you the message they wish to convey. This will often include some guidance for your present life situation.

If there is a particular person in spirit who you would like to hear from, I will attempt to bring them in. However I cannot guarantee who will come through, or if you will have known them personally (e.g. someone who passed before you were born).


**  Disclaimer

Under current UK law I am obliged to tell you that all readings are a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. They are for educational and entertainment purposes only.

All readings are given in good faith, however it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information provided.

Clairvoyance is not fortune-telling. It is information received through a spiritual connection, which may include indications as to the overall situation of the client.

Although the reading may refer to your health or medical condition, it is NOT a substitute for treatment by the medical profession.

If a satisfactory spiritual connection has not been established within the first 10 minutes of the reading, then either side may terminate the reading and no charge will be made.

You agree that it is your choice to receive a reading, that you are responsible for any decisions you make as a result of the reading and that you assume full responsibility for the outcome.



I am available Monday to Saturday for enquiries and appointments. To find out more please contact me on  or  07563 687108

I see clients in Leytonstone, London E11 and Ongar, Essex CM5.

Healing and readings can also be carried out by phone or Zoom.


Interview with Mystic Mag

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Mystic Mag in May 2022.

They asked me what I love most about my job and what kind of readings people usually request from me.

Click here to find out more

25 thoughts on “Therapies & Readings

  1. I had an amazing treatment with Pippa. Not only is she freindly and welcoming but she takes the time to try and understand you in order to connect to your energy, ensuring that when the treatment begins, you are able to get the most out of it. I feel so much more relaxed since the treatment and feel as if a pressure has been lifted from me. I am looking forward to my next session to clear some more blockages and leave me feeling just as good.

  2. Today I had my 4th tretment with Pippa – my 2nd Indian Head Massage. Previously Pippa has given me two Reiki treatments. On every occassion I have been thrilled with the results. Even more so with being able to share the company of Pippa. I felt an instant warmness to Pippa when I met her just over a year ago. She manages to blend the perfect levels of professionalism, openness, humour an insight into the time I share with her. This, coupled with the highly pleasant feelings of relief and relaxation I feel from the treatments I recieve, have convinced me that I will be visiting Pippa’s practise for many years to come. Steven. 33. Trainee Teacher. East London.

  3. When I arrived for my first reiki session with Pippa, I knew straight away I had come to the right place. Pippa is a very gentle and warm person who makes you feel at ease straight away. I’ve had different treatments with her which rejuvenate me, they bring a feeling of balance and tranquility which is so needed with a hectic life. Pippa knows instinctively what treatment i need and I’ve discovered hidden things about myself, which have been waiting to surface. I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing Pippa and will continue to do so myself because she is very talented and special.

  4. I would highly recommend Pippa to one and all.
    She is so wonderful and welcoming. I instantly felt so at ease with her and she is such a talented and interesting lady.
    I absolutely love our sessions, I would have them several times a week if I could as they really keep me focused, calm and on track. I have also learnt so much, even after a couple of sessions and I genuinely look forward to the next one.
    I love the fact that she is versatile and just knows exactly what you need treatment wise. I cannot thank her enough.
    Hannah x

  5. I’ve been to see Pippa a few times now, and honestly could not recommend her enough! A warm and welcoming lady, whom upon meeting instantly put my anxiety regarding my first appointment at ease with her engaging and kind approach.

    Issues include anxiety & depression, and already I am noticing changes both mentally, and physically – it’s amazing to see how physical ailments can be a result of a body that is not in tune with itself spiritually. It is truly a blessing to feel the way I do now, the clearest I have felt in a long time, and I find such joy in my anticipation for future appointments.

    If you are on the fence about booking an appointment, nervous, anxious, or of any feeling holding you back from moving forward with this, I would strongly recommend that you push through it – Pippa can and will help you. On top of that, she is a lovely person to boot!

  6. Pippa is an amazing person. Her ability to tune in to situations accurately is amazing. She does not tell you fairy stories, she tells you exactly what she sees will happen. She has always been there for me and helped me through tough situations and she has always described people in my life 100% accurately.
    I highly recommend Pippa to family and friends and she is the only person I go to if I have any worries as she tells me the truth. 100% recommended.

  7. I recently enjoyed a session with Pippa and I was thoroughly impressed by both her professionalism and her wholistic approach towards mind/body healing. She took a thorough inventory of my current health situation before the healing began in order to better suit the session to my goals and needs. She was also very informative through out the process in explaining what she was doing and how it would benefit me. After the healing was finished, I immediately began to notice positive changes in both mind and body. I couldn’t recommend Pippa strongly enough to anyone who is serious about making positive, long-lasting changes in their mental and physical well being.

  8. I went to see Pippa for some energy healing and experienced Sekhem for the first time. From the moment I walked in, I felt relaxed and at home with Pippa. She really took the time to understand my needs and I have felt a profound difference in how I feel since the treatment. I will certainly be coming back and cannot recommend her highly enough.

  9. As a newbie to spiritual healing and therapies I had no idea what to expect, but Pippa was amazing and put me at ease immediately. She talked me through what was going to happen and then at the end of the session what she found and the impact it was having. I felt the positive impact pretty much straight away and my insomnia (which I’d been suffering with for a number of weeks again) melted away pretty much immediately.

    I couldn’t recommend Pippa more!

  10. I found Pippa whilst searching online and I’m so happy I did as the two sessions I’ve had with her have been life changing. Pippa immediately put my mind at rest and made me feel so comfortable, she has a wonderful down to earth attitude which exudes calm. After an in-depth initial consultation, I tried Sekhem healing, I haven’t tried anything like this before. Her energy is quite remarkable, and I cannot believe the difference her sessions have made to me; my anxiety levels (which were spiking during lock-down) are completely down and my outlook on life generally has dramatically improved. I cannot recommend Pippa enough; she is truly one of a kind!

  11. I had some distance reiki and life coaching with Pippa, and although I have always preferred face to face interaction; with the current situation it took place via video call instead – and if that is putting you off at all, please don’t let it!!!

    It was an amazing and insightful experience which in the last few weeks has helped me be more at peace with myself, it’s moved me forward with my spiritual practice and completely sorted some hangups I have struggled with my whole life.

    Pippa is fantastic, she makes you feel completely comfortable from the start.

    Thank you so much Pippa, you are now my go to when I need realigning!!!

  12. My session with Pippa was greatly insightful. She is incredibly understanding, attentive and flexible to meet your needs. I felt she really dug deep and got to the core of the problems I wanted to address with compassion, both in the initial conversations as well as throughout the healing. I really connected with her and felt comfortable being vulnerable in her presence throughout the session. Thank you Pippa!

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